My Fanart

Being a fangirl and shipper all my life, loving to hang out in non-real worlds, constantly being bothered by fictional characters and their (often non canonical :P) relationships, reading fan fiction on a regular base – Ao3 is my virtual home – I do a lot of fan art as a result. And I can easily say that this part of my art takes up the majority of everything I create with my graphite pencil and graphic tablet. Some might say that’s a waste of time and some specially ‘charming’ one of them might even add that’s a waste of my skills. But drawing what (or who) I like or feel with or admire most, even if fictional, is what makes my art best and true. It is just the way I am and has always ever been since I watched Sailor Moon during elementary school, rooting for Usagi/Mamoru throughout the series while playing Sailor Guardians with friends (I was lovely Mercury ;)) in the afternoons. Many of my artwork I would have never created if not for the characters, pairings and fandoms I do love so much. <3

Valentine Lokius~
Magic Radskier No 2~
Kablooie Lokius~
Forgiven AziraCrow~
Magic Radskier~
Radovid 1#
Dreamland DinLuke~
Valentine DinLuke
Ice flower DinLuke & Grogu~
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