My Art

I’ve been a digital hobby artist for more than 10 years and I am doing all kinds of art: art for relevant people in my life, art to express myself, occasionally work-related art and lots of fan art. Up until recently, nearly all my life I have been painting in the at least for me classical style drawing visible outlines which I then coloured. Before I went digital, I did the colouring with crayons. 

In 2015 I had my own exhibition “iAti” at the Technical University of Berlin for half a year with some of my older drawings when I won an art contest. Not long after I had a many years long art block due to RL issues where painting often felt like a struggle or worse I could not draw at all. It eventually got better, but at some point I got stuck. I did not improve myself much and was often not satisfied with my artwork anymore. 

Then in the summer of 2022 my dear colleague and friend died and two things happened: I wanted to draw a beautiful and worthy goodbye picture and I discovered by chance the artist Demelsa Haughton, whose artwork I immediately fell in love with. It is not that I want(ed) to copy her style, because I like my own way of drawing just fine. But I tried to do a picture without all the black outlines, like all her lovely pictures also have none. I just removed them during the process of colouring. To me, this little change changed everything. The result looked so different from everything I have drawn before, and I liked it a lot. I still do. The effort I must put into such a picture is much higher and it takes way more time, but to me it is worth it. For the most part I finally like what I create again and that means the world to me. You will only ever find the artwork I’ve been doing since my transition in style on this website.

in memory of Heike~
Cute Bacteria (proposal for iScience cover)~
Rework - Magical fantasy tree~
How I feel~
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