My Art

I’ve been a digital hobby artist for more than 10 years and I am doing all kinds of art: art for relevant people in my life, art to express myself, occasionally work-related art and lots of fan art. I even had my own exhibition “iAti” at the Technical University of Berlin for half a year with some of my older drawings when I won an art contest in 2015. Nearly all my life I have been painting in the at least for me classical style with visible outlines which I then coloured and I loved it. I still do. But at some point I got stuck, did not improve myself much and had an many years long art block due to RL issues, where I wasn’t often satisfied with my artwork or worse could not draw at all. Painting felt often like a struggle then. 

When my dear colleague and friend died in the summer of 2022, two things happened. I wanted to draw a beautiful and worthy goodbye picture and I discovered by chance the artist Demelsa Haughton, whose artwork I immediately fell in love with. It is not that I want(ed) to copy her style, because I like my own way of drawing just fine. But I tried to do a picture without all the black outlines, like all her lovely pictures also have none. I just removed them during the process of colouring. To me, this little change changed everything. The result looked so different from everything I have drawn before, and I liked it a lot. I still do. The effort I must put into such a picture is much higher and it takes way more time, but it is worth it I think. And I feel like continuing doing art like this. I removed all my “old-styled art” with visible outlines from my website, because it does not suit me anymore. It will take a while until I refilled this still nearly empty page, but it will happen. If you like, then follow me on the journey. 

in memory of Heike~
Rework - Magical fantasy tree~
How I feel~
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