About me

Name: Ati

Age: 35

Origin: Berlin, Germany

Me: Bookworm, vegan, fangirl, dreamer, queery, shipper, hobby artist

Art: Picturing life, what I love & the world

Style: Childlike, colorful, often simplified, manga-comic-style

Dreams: Flying to a livable exoplanet, living in a beautiful place one day~

Secret dream: Finding my other half – my true love

Wishes: Meeting Hugo Weaving, traveling to the USA – especially New York, visiting Tokyo again <3

Goal/Hope: The end of animal suffering~

Motto: Nankurunaisa – Everything will be fine

To me art is a creative way to express myself, my passions and my life. It can be some fanart, some random stuff that crosses my mind or even a slice of real life I experienced. I don’t have any special drawing talent but my own unique style and that’s just fine. Having fun while drawing is most important to me. I do mainly digital art since it brings me the most joy. Occasionally I go back to my drawing roots though and paint with my color pencils. Both ways of painting are part of me. 

I would say that I am not a very normal person but a good-minded one. Some really bad stuff happened to me and made me the way I am, not trusting anyone, a loner, hard to interact with, hard to touch and maybe a bit crazy. But I am still an okay-ish dude who likes to communicate with others and is open minded. I am a fangirl of many things and a dedicated shipper. Currently I am totally back into everything related to Japan – watching Animes, relearning Japanese and searching for people I can share my interests with. Feel free to interact with me if you are the same, I would love it. <3

A very important fact about me is that I am a vegan. Being a herbivore became an essential part of my very existence I do live thoroughly and with all my heart. Therefore I am most comfortable when being around other vegans who value our animal earthlings the same way I do and mean them no harm. 


Books: The Black Magician Trilogy, A Court of Thornes and Roses Trilogy, An Ember in the Ashes Quartet, Federleicht Series, The Folk of the Air Series, The Tairen Soul Books, Incarnate Trilogy, Angelus Saga

Author: Marah Woolf

Movies: The Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, V for Vendetta 

TV Series: The X Files, Fringe, Star Trek DS9, The Big Bang Theory, The Handmaid’s Tale, Foundation 

Anime: Clannad, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hotarubi no mori e, Journey to Agartha, Somali to mori no kamisama, Mahou tsukai no yome, Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari

Manga: Lumen Lunae, Fruits Basket, Shinshi Doumei Cross, Fullmoon wo Sagashite, Nana, Vampire Knight

Fictional Characters: Atemu, Elrond, Leonard ‚Bones‘ McCoy, Walter Bishop, Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, Kathryn Janeway, Rhysand (Nightcourt), V, Luke Skywalker, Cassian (Federleicht Series), June Osborne, Jack Bristow, Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury, Luna Lovegood, Shizuo Heiwajima, Akkarin (High Lord), Elim Garak, Magnus Bane

Animals: Cats, Iguana / Batagame / Geckos (saurians) 

Musicians: Runrig 

Songs: Destiny / Sadame (X 1999), Intervention (Arcade Fire), I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Laid, This Land is your Land 

Countries: Japan, Scotland, USA 

Genres: Fantasy, Romantasy, Dystopia, Sci-Fi 

Discipline: Astronomy (=secret love) 

Youtuber / Twitcher: Gronkh 

Games: The Elder Scrolls Online, Ori and the blind Forest, Minecraft / Life in the Woods, Ark 

Shippings: Prideshipping, TOS Spones, Garashir, J/C, Rumbelle, Elronduil, Malec, Scully/Mulder, Vevey, (Reylo) 

Idol: Moby~ 

Celebrity: Hugo Weaving <3

Quote: „Because the world isn’t as cruel as you take it to be.“ – Celty Sturluson 

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