About me

To me art is a creative way to express myself, my passions and my life. It can be some fanart, some random stuff that crosses my mind or even a slice of real life I experience. I don’t have any special drawing talent but my own unique style and that’s just fine. Having fun while drawing is most important I think.

The past few years I focussed on digital art, which is not my strong point though and always a struggle. Also, for quite a while now it doesn’t give me that much joy anymore so I am taking a longer break from it. Instead I decided to go back to my drawing roots and develop my color pencil skills furthermore. This was a very good decision and I do enjoy that a lot right now, having finally regained my motivation to do art again.

Me try
Name: Sabrina / Ati
Age: 32
Origin: Berlin, Germany
Job: Student, nurse, Makerspace Staff
Me: Artist, bookworm, vegan, runner, nerd
Art: Picturing life & the world
Style: Childlike, colorful, often simplified, manga-style
Dream: Living in a beautiful place one day
Wishes: Finding my true love, the end of animal suffering
Motto: Nankurunaisa – Everything will be fine
Next big goal: NYC Marathon 2021

Favorite Books

  1. Black Magician Trilogy
  2. A Court of Thornes and Roses Trilogy
  3. Incarnate Trilogy
  4. The Fading Lands Series
  5. Federleicht-Series
  6. An Ember in the Ashes Quartet

Favorite TV Series

  1. The X-Files
  2. Fringe
  3. The Handmaid’s Tale
  4. Alias
  5. The Vampire Diaries

Favorite Fictional Characters

  1. Walter Bishop
  2. Rhysand (Night Court)
  3. Jack Bristow
  4. Rumbelle
  5. Magnus Bane
  6. June Osborne
  7. Newt Scamander

Favorite Miscellaneous

  1. Cats
  2. Pizza & Beyond Meat Burger
  3. The Lord of the Rings
  4. Fantasy, Dystopia, Science Fiction
  5. Scotland & Japan
  6. Ori and the Blind Forest