About me

‚Emotions through art‘. I am a would-like-to-be-artist and a fangirl of many things. To me art is a creative way to express myself, my passions and my life. So whether it’s a fanart or some kind of upside-down stuff I experienced, it is initially never meant to be great artwork. This is, because I don’t have any special drawing talent but my own unique style and that’s just fine. Having fun while drawing is most important I think. To each his own. For any business inquiries, please contact me.

Me & Dearie 19
Name: Sabrina / Ati
Age: 32
Origin: Berlin, Germany
Job: Student, Makerspace Staff
Me: Artist, bookworm, vegan
Art: A creative way to express myself
Style: Childlike, colorful, often simplified, manga-style
Dream: Living in Scotland one day
Wishes: Meeting Robert Carlyle, the end of animal suffering
Motto: Nankurunaisa – Everything will be fine
Art²: Picturing life & the world