About me

Name: Ati

Age: 35

Origin: Berlin, Germany

Me: Bookworm, vegan, fangirl, dreamer, queery, shipper, hobby artist

Art: Picturing life, other worlds and what I love

Style: Childlike, colourful, often simplified, fantasy influenced

Dream: Living in a beautiful place near a colourful, vibrant cosmopolitan city~

Secret dreams: Finding my other half, working in the space sector

Wishes: Meeting Hugo Weaving, seeing New York/Sydney/Vancouver; returning to Berlin~

Goal/Hope: The end of animal suffering~

Motto: Nankurunaisa – Everything will be fine

To me, art is a creative way to express myself and everything that matters to me. I don’t have any special drawing talent but my own unique style and that’s just fine. Having fun while drawing is most important to me. Currently, I am in a kind of transition and pursuing a new art style, which is only slightly modified from my old one but with what feels like huge different-looking results. It is important to me to improve myself within my own limited range of skills and to one day reach a level I am satisfied with. I admire all beautiful things, especially the art and design of the digital world like TV series, movies and video games. I wish I was good enough for this entertainment world, but I am not. Nevertheless, I wish that one day I can contribute my art to something greater than my personal life.  

I would say that I am not a very normal person but a good-natured one. Some bad stuff happened to me and made me the way I am, hardly trusting anyone, being a loner, always struggling with life and maybe a bit crazy. However, I am still an okay-ish dude who likes to communicate with others and is open-minded. I am a big city girl, the biggest nerd you can imagine, a fangirl of many things and a dedicated shipper. Currently, I am back in the Star Wars universe, loving especially ‘The Mandalorian’ series, reading slash fanfiction, doing art and so on. Also, I am very much into everything related to Japan – watching Anime, relearning Japanese – as well as astronomy & space, searching for people I can share my interests with. Feel free to interact with me if you are the same, I would love it. <3

A very important fact about me is that I am a vegan. Being a herbivore became an essential part of my very existence I do live thoroughly and with all my heart. Therefore I am most comfortable when being around other vegans who value our animal earthlings the same way I do and mean them no harm. 


Books: The Black Magician Trilogy, A Court of Thornes and Roses Trilogy, An Ember in the Ashes Quartet, Federleicht Series, The Folk of the Air Series, The Tairen Soul Books, Incarnate Trilogy, Angelus Saga

Authors: Marah Woolf, J. R. R. Tolkien

Movies: The Lord of the Rings, Pride and Prejudice, V for Vendetta 

TV Series: The X Files, Fringe, Star Trek DS9, The Big Bang Theory, The Mandalorian

Anime: Clannad, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Hotarubi no mori e, Journey to Agartha, Somali to mori no kamisama, Mahou tsukai no yome, Tate no Yūsha no Nariagari, Itazura na kiss

Manga: Lumen Lunae, Fruits Basket, Shinshi Doumei Cross, Fullmoon wo Sagashite, Nana, Vampire Knight

Artist: Demelsa Haughton

Fictional Characters: Atemu, Elrond, Luke Skywalker, Thranduil, Leonard ‚Bones‘ McCoy, Din Djarin, Iwatani Naofumi, Walter Bishop, Dr. Dr. Sheldon Lee Cooper, Kathryn Janeway, Rhysand (Nightcourt), V, Cassian (Federleicht Series), June Osborne, Jack Bristow, Ami Mizuno / Sailor Mercury, Luna Lovegood, Shizuo Heiwajima, Akkarin (High Lord), Elim Garak, Magnus Bane

Animals: Cats, Iguana / Batagame / Geckos (saurians), snails with houses~ 

Musicians: Runrig 

Songs: Destiny / Sadame (X 1999), Intervention (Arcade Fire), I Believe in a Thing Called Love, Laid, This Land is your Land 

Countries: Japan, Scotland, USA 

Food: Pizza, Pasta, Beyond Meat burger, mushrooms

Genres: Fantasy, Romantasy, Dystopia, Sci-Fi 

Discipline: Astronomy (=secret love) 

Youtuber / Twitcher: Gronkh 

Games: The Elder Scrolls Online, Ori and the blind Forest, Minecraft / Life in the Woods, Ark 

Shippings: Elronduil, DinLuke, Prideshipping, TOS Spones, Garashir, J/C, Rumbelle, Malec, Scully/Mulder, Vevey

Fanfiction: A Thousand Years and More~

Idol: Moby~ 

Celebrity: Hugo Weaving <3

Quote: „Because the world isn’t as cruel as you take it to be.“ – Celty Sturluson 

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