Old Art Style

On this page you can see a small selection of art I did between 2014 and 2022. It is therefore not that long after I started doing digital art in 2012. Compared to today, there is of course much room for improvement. But in contrast to today, my soul was more intact and my heart wide open back then. You can see it the more you scroll down. So, whereas my oldest drawings may lack some technical skills, they were purer, more me and less fanart, and I was better at expressing myself. Emotions through art. I lost this ability due to some bad stuff I experienced and I am still thriving to get it back. In 2015 I won an art contest with some of my oldest drawings and as a result, had my own exhibition “iAti” at the Technical University of Berlin for half a year. Loved it.

I have been painting in this “old drawing style” with visible outlines all my life and I loved it. Despite this long period, it was not a standstill, on the contrary. It was a long road of learning, and I developed my drawing skills over all these years. You can see it, especially in my style, the way of colouration and of course in the overall improvement. But it is not only about the way one draws, it also matters what to bring to the paper or screen. I am doing all kinds of art: art for relevant people in my life, art to express myself, occasionally work-related art and lots of fanarts. The latter is the visible side of me being a fangirl doing lots of nerdy fan stuff like reading fanfictions and going to conventions. I love doing so and this art creation will always be a huge part of me. 

2020, Reverse Spones Big Bang - Spones Date
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